Enroll now and receive both of my online courses for the price of one! This is the perfect starting place for high-performing individuals looking to become resilient self-leaders, and who are in need of a positive shift.

Through my RiseUp program, you'll work through interactive exercises to begin writing yourself a new story "blueprint". By putting in the work, you'll create an empowering shift and actionable plan so you can start fulfilling your dreams.

Next, work on building up your resiliency through six highly effective techniques proven to reduce stress. Not only will you build up your resiliency, but you'll learn how to make the best of a difficult situation, and how to recover from setbacks, both big and small.

Hi, I’m Kamini Wood.

I am a certified Life Coach in Cary, NC and I am passionate about working with people to heal their relationship with themselves.

My mission is to empower high-performing adults and teens to become resilient self-leaders by reducing stress and anxiety, overcoming imposter syndrome, working through trauma, and re-discovering their AuthenticMe®. 

Through my holistic approach, I help people to quiet their inner critic, overcome self-judgment, own their story, set boundaries, and be unapologetically themselves.

My coaching isn't for everybody. We go deep and we go together. BUT...if you would like help with:

✔️ Becoming a resilient self-leader

✔️ Overcoming stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm

✔️ Navigating toxic work environments

✔️ Boosting self-confidence & overcoming feelings of

   self- doubt

✔️ Creating a mindset shift for a more positive YOU

✔️ Breaking free from a toxic or unhealthy relationship

✔️ Creating an actionable plan to reach your career goals


✔️ You're AWARE that you want to shift

✔️ You've DECIDED you are ready to do the work

✔️ AND You TRUST yourself...

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What others are saying...

"Kamini's way of breaking this up into separate sections let me truly find where my strengths are and helped me find ways to build my abilities to handle tough situations." - A.S.

"The ease of understanding the material this way was exactly what I needed." - K.T.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when going through each course?

Each course is accessible 24/7 and can be taken at your own pace. During each module you'll watch a video and then work through downloadable exercises and techniques, providing you with tools and resources that will stick with you for life. So, get ready for a powerful and positive lifestyle change.

How long does each course take?

Every module consists of short video content, along with downloadable exercises. These can be done at your own pace but I'd suggest one module per week to give you time to work through each exercise accordingly. For reference, the RiseUp program has six primary modules and could take up to six weeks to complete. The Resiliency program has eight primary modules and could take up to eight weeks to complete.